Pakistan vs Afghanistan World Cup Tickets 2019 29 June Headingley Leeds Stadium

Cricket World Cup is one such event where all of the cricket team compete against each other. The 2019 World Cup has few changes, one of them being the way these teams compete. The super six stages are no longer the part and all of the teams would compete in the group stage. There are no groups, however, and all teams are in a single group. The top 4 teams would go to the semi-finals directly. One such group match is Pakistan vs Afghanistan, played on 29 June. The match will be played at Headingley Stadium, Leeds. The Leeds stadium has the capacity of 17000 spectators.

There are many fans who are willing to watch it in the stadium. Pakistan vs Afghanistan ticket booking is searched by fans across the world. They will fly from different locations and it will be a prime concern for them to book Pakistan vs Afghanistan world cup tickets. The stadium is quite famous and it is also used for Rugby matches. These two neighboring countries are playing a match after a while. Pakistan team looks better than Afghanistan on paper, but they should not take their opponent easily. The PAK Vs AFG WC 2019 match is played near the end of the group stage matches. Pakistan vs Afghanistan ticket booking for 2019 world cup is shared a few weeks before the match days. It is also important to know Pakistan vs Afghanistan ticket cost and Leeds stadium seat map.

Pakistan Vs Afghanistan World Cup Leeds Tickets Price 29 June 2019

Seat Category Price
Platinum/Adult   £ 75.00  
Restricted View Platinum / Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Child   £ 15.00  
Restricted View Gold / Adult   £ 48.00  
Restricted View Gold / Child   £ 10.00  
Silver/Adult   £ 40.00  
Silver/Child   £ 10.00  
Restricted View Silver / Adult   £ 32.00  
Restricted View Silver / Child   £ 5.00  
Bronze/Adult   £ 16.00  
Bronze/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Child   £ 4.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Adult   £ 16.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Child   £ 4.00  
Wheelchair/Adult   £ 16.00  
Wheelchair/Child   £ 6.00

Pakistan Vs Afghanistan World Cup Leeds Tickets 29 June 2019

Pakistan is one of the main contenders of world cup title. The team is facing Afghanistan team which is their neighbor and a newer entry to the cricket world. The team of Afghanistan is quite confident and talented. Rashid Khan is one of their main bowler who has made his name already. He has topped the ICC world ranking. The Pakistan Vs Afghanistan World Cup tickets are sold online on the official websites and a large number of tickets are sold already. If you wish to book Pakistan Vs Afghanistan tickets for WC 2019. The ticket booking is done online and it makes the process quite easy. It is way easy than the offline ticket booking. The event of world cup attracts visitors across the globe. The ticket booking of PAK Vs AFG match is being done online. So most of the fans started their booking once it is made for sale online.

Headingley Cricket Ground Leeds Seat Map and Layout

Headingley Cricket Ground Leeds Seat Map, Layout and Stands
Headingley Cricket Ground Leeds Seat Map, Layout and Stands

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