New Zealand Vs Pakistan World Cup Tickets Price Edgbaston Birmingham 26 June 2019

There are many competitions in the game of cricket. The main championship is ICC World Cup and it is played every fourth year. The qualifiers are played between some of the last teams of the ICC point table. These teams compete against each other and only some of the teams reach the world cup. Rest of the better performers are directly qualified. The ICC World Cup 2019 would be played in England. New Zealand vs Pakistan Edgbaston stadium match is scheduled to play on 26 June. This match is very important for both of the teams and they would be trying to get the winning points. Both teams are equal in terms of performance recently and we could not choose the favorite.

New Zealand vs Pakistan World cup ticket is sold online and offline. Offline ticket booking is a traditional way to get your seat reserved. New Zealand vs Pakistan ticket booking online is the famous way to get your seats booked. One need to check New Zealand vs Pakistan ticket price before proceeding to the booking of the same. Fans are eager to get all the details as they need to plan accordingly. Many of them are flying from various countries to England, just to enjoy the World Cup matches live. They have waited for 4 years and it is one of its kind championships. The ODI world cup is scheduled in 2019 whereas the T20 World Cup will be played next year, in 2020. Let us have a look at the Edgbaston stadium seat map, NZ Vs Pak 26 June ticket price.

New Zealand Vs Pakistan World Cup Edgbaston Tickets Price 26 June 2019

Seat Category Price (Starts From)
Platinum/Adult   £ 75.00  
Restricted View Platinum / Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Adult   £ 40.00  
Gold/Child   £ 15.00  
Restricted View Gold / Adult   £ 48.00  
Restricted View Gold / Child   £ 10.00  
Silver/Adult   £ 30.00  
Silver/Child   £ 10.00  
Restricted View Silver / Adult   £ 32.00  
Restricted View Silver / Child   £ 5.00  
Bronze/Adult   £ 16.00  
Bronze/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Child   £ 4.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Adult   £ 16.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Child   £ 4.00  
Wheelchair/Adult   £ 16.00  
Wheelchair/Child   £ 6.00
* The Price may vary depending upon the stadium.

New Zealand Vs Pakistan World Cup Edgbaston Tickets 26 June 2019

Pakistan vs New Zealand world cup tickets for 26 June is out now. The lower cost tickets are sold out first generally and the rest of the tickets are booked later. Looking at the trends, one should book the tickets in advance. New Zealand vs Pakistan ticket cost would be shared along with the Edgbaston seat map at the ticket booking page. The online booking can be done while sitting at the comfort of your home. PAK Vs NZ Edgbaston match would be crucial for the fans as well as teams. The match is played in the latter part of the series, every win is important. No team can take it easy as it could cost them the entry in the Semi-Final. The change in the format of the World Cup is also new this time.

New Zealand Vs Pakistan World Cup Tickets Process

The excitement of the World Cup is unmatched among fans of cricket. The winner of the championship will be crowned as World champion for the next 4 years. Australia has won this title maximum number of times and it shows Australia’s dominance in world cricket. The Edgbaston stadium has a seating capacity of 25000 and it was opened in 1882. The stadium is fairly old and it can accommodate a large number of spectators. Such a capacity means that there would be enough New Zealand Vs Pakistan ticket for sale.
The New Zealand Vs Pakistan World cup ticket booking process is shown here.

  • Login to the ICC official ticket-selling website.
  • Look for New Zealand Vs Pakistan ticket booking.
  • Click on the page and choose the seat from the Edgbaston stadium seat map.
  • Check the Pak Vs NZ match ticket cost before proceeding to payment.
  • Complete the payment and the ticket booking is complete.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground Birmingham Seat Map and Layout

Edgbaston Cricket Ground Birmingham Seat Map, Layout and Stands
Edgbaston Cricket Ground Birmingham Seat Map and Layout

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