India vs West Indies World Cup Tickets 27 June 2019 Old Trafford Manchester

The Old Trafford, Manchester stadium is hosting many matches of World Cup 2019. India vs West Indies match is also played at this stadium on 27 June 2019. The cricket world cup is being played in England. The participating teams start reaching at the hosting country a couple of weeks earlier. Every match is important when it is played in the World Cup. This time, there will be 45 matches in the group stage. All the teams will be playing against each other during this stage of the tournament. The top four teams would be competing in the Semi-Finals.

West Indies vs India match is the 34th match of the championship. At the end of the tournament, teams would be trying to win the match at any cost. Every point is too important and they can’t afford to lose it. West Indies vs India tickets are sold online. The Indian cricket fans are anticipating for this and they have already started booking India vs West Indies world cup 2019 tickets.

Indian team’s World cup matches have a history of being houseful. Fans expect a good performance from their team and hence India Vs West Indies 27 June tickets are in demand. The India Vs West Indies world cup ticket is sold online and offline. The official website of ICC has been selling a ticket for the tournament. One should check India Vs West Indies ticket price, Old Trafford seat map, and few other important information.

India Vs West Indies World Cup Ticket Price Old Trafford 27 June

Seat Category Price (Starts From)
Platinum/Adult   £ 75.00  
Restricted View Platinum / Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Adult   £ 40.00  
Gold/Child   £ 15.00  
Restricted View Gold / Adult   £ 48.00  
Restricted View Gold / Child   £ 10.00  
Silver/Adult   £ 30.00  
Silver/Child   £ 10.00  
Restricted View Silver / Adult   £ 32.00  
Restricted View Silver / Child   £ 5.00  
Bronze/Adult   £ 16.00  
Bronze/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Child   £ 4.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Adult   £ 16.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Child   £ 4.00  
Wheelchair/Adult   £ 16.00  
Wheelchair/Child   £ 6.00
* The Price may vary depending upon the stadium.

India Vs West Indies World Cup tickets Old Trafford 27 June

The Indian team looks strong and they have many players who could win the match single-handedly. The batting line up looks strong, Bowling line up is no less as well. West Indies team has not been performing well recently. Despite the challenges, the West Indies team is strong and can defeat India. The India Vs West Indies ticket cost is one of the aspect for people booking the IND Vs WI match tickets. The tickets are sold on ICC official website and some other official ticket selling websites. The 2019 world cup ticket for India Vs West Indies Old Trafford should be sold out soon, especially for lower priced tickets.

India Vs West Indies World Cup Tickets Booking Process

The ticket booking process of India Vs West Indies world cup match is very simple. It only needs an active internet connection, smartphone or laptop, and online payment mode. India Vs West Indies tickets are in demand and most of the people planning to watch the match from the stadium has already planned for it. The Ind Vs WI match ticket booking process is explained below:

  • Visit the official ticket-selling website and login or register.
  • Visit the India Vs West Indies ticket booking page.
  • Choose the seat from Old Trafford stadium seat layout, check the ticket cost also.
  • Proceed to complete the India Vs West Indies ticket booking for World cup by completing the payment.
  • You will either receive the tickets at your home or you need to collect it from the provided address

Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map and Layout

Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map, Layout and Stands
Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map and Layout

We are not selling the tickets for India Vs West Indies Old Trafford stadium match. We are helping the readers with the information.

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