England vs Afghanistan 18 June World Cup Tickets Old Trafford Manchester

The ICC world cup 2019 is being played in England and most of the stadiums are hosting these matches. We have seen multiple close competition in the tournament in the past. Being the biggest championship of the cricket, all the teams put their complete efforts in order to win it. This time it is England vs Afghanistan, it is being played in old Trafford stadium. The England vs Afghanistan ticket booking is carried out online, it might be available offline as well. The Cricket world cup is an event which happens after a long wait and its viewership is also very high. The fans who could watch it live from the stadium don’t leave this opportunity.

The fans from various countries visit the stadium and enjoy the matches directly from the stadium. The England Vs Afghanistan World cup tickets are booked in advance. The home team is contesting with the new team of Afghanistan. There are fewer chances that the team of Afghanistan would be able to defeat England on their home ground. England team is very strong and they have home advantage too. The ENG Vs AFG CWC tickets booking will be done online and people have secured their seats beforehand.

The Afghanistan team has already proved themselves in a very small span of time. They are already seen as a team who could change the course of the match at any given point of time. Their best bowler is Rashid Khan indeed, who has topped the ICC rankings. Considering the situation, we can not be sure about the winner. It will be another interesting match of the Cricket World Cup 2019. The Afghanistan Vs England tickets booking process is explained here in detail along with information related to Old Trafford stadium seat map and ENG Vs AFG ticket cost.

England Vs Afghanistan Ticket and Cost – 18 June

The England Vs Afghanistan 18 June tickets are made available for buying online. There are many fans who would be planning to watch the England team in action. The Old Trafford stadium has a seating capacity of 26,000. This ensures that a large number of Old Trafford England Vs Afghanistan tickets would be available for sale. The stadium might not be housefull but some category of tickets would be surely sold out. The cheaper tickets are mostly sold out earlier, whereas the costly ones are available till last.

Seat Category Price (Starts From)
Platinum/Adult   £ 75.00  
Restricted View Platinum / Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Adult   £ 40.00  
Gold/Child   £ 15.00  
Restricted View Gold / Adult   £ 48.00  
Restricted View Gold / Child   £ 10.00  
Silver/Adult   £ 30.00  
Silver/Child   £ 10.00  
Restricted View Silver / Adult   £ 32.00  
Restricted View Silver / Child   £ 5.00  
Bronze/Adult   £ 16.00  
Bronze/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Child   £ 4.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Adult   £ 16.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Child   £ 4.00  
Wheelchair/Adult   £ 16.00  
Wheelchair/Child   £ 6.00
* The Price may vary depending upon the stadium.

ENG Vs AFG ticket cost is present on the ticket booking page. The official ICC website sells the ticket along with few other official ticketing partners. One should ensure to book Old Trafford 18 June tickets from the official and genuine sources only. It avoids any kind of fraud and an unpleasant experience. Being such a cricket tournament, Cricket World Cup 2019 tickets are quite demanded by fans. The match tickets related queries starts storming the internet couple of months before the match day.

England Vs Afghanistan Old Trafford Tickets Booking Process

The Old trafford is a very old stadium and it was established in 1857. This stadium has seen many historical matches. Many World Cup matches are also played here. The England Vs Afghanistan match ticket booking should be done online, for a hassle free experience. The ticket booking process is explained here in few steps.

  • Open the official ticket booking website and search the Afghanistan Vs England match tickets.
  • Select the ticket from the Old Trafford seat layout, choose the seat and the stand.
  • Proceed with providing the personal information, such as name, address etc.
  • Complete the payment using one of the available payment mode.
  • The ticket booking is complete and you need entry ticket to take entry.

Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map and Layout

Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map, Layout and Stands
Old Trafford Manchester Cricket Stadium Seat Map and Layout

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