Bangladesh vs South Africa Oval Tickets 2 June ICC World Cup 2019

Bangladesh ready to start their World cup journey from this match on 2nd June 2019 at Kennington the Oval cricket ground. This historic ground is located in London and Bangladesh vs South Africa tickets are in demand already. This is the second match for the South African team and SA team is ready to win this match against the Bangladesh. Bangla team is also hoping to win this match against SA.

South African cricket team looks good on paper and as per records. Bangladesh Cricket team is also improving day by day and can defeat any team by their superior performance in all the aspects. Both the team are hoping to win their Maidan World cup. None of them ever managed to win the ICC World cup of 50 over. Both the teams are looking for creating the history by winning the World Cup 2019. In this post we are sharing the information of booking South Africa vs Bangladesh Oval stadium 2019 World cup ticket for 2 June 2019.

South Africa vs Bangladesh World Cup Oval Tickets 2 June 2019

Both the teams have a long list of hard core cricket fans. Teams belongs to Indian subcontinent have higher cricket following fan base as compared to other parts of the world. Ticket sale for Oval Bangladesh vs South Africa already started through the ICC Cricket website and many tickets are already sold out. People from all over the World will flew to the England for watching the live matches of ICC WC 2019.

South Africa vs Bangladesh World Cup Oval Tickets Price

Seat Category Price (Starts From)
Platinum/Adult   £ 75.00  
Restricted View Platinum / Adult   £ 60.00  
Gold/Adult   £ 40.00  
Gold/Child   £ 15.00  
Restricted View Gold / Adult   £ 48.00  
Restricted View Gold / Child   £ 10.00  
Silver/Adult   £ 30.00  
Silver/Child   £ 10.00  
Restricted View Silver / Adult   £ 32.00  
Restricted View Silver / Child   £ 5.00  
Bronze/Adult   £ 16.00  
Bronze/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Bronze / Child   £ 4.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Adult   £ 16.00  
Alcohol Free Area/Child   £ 6.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Adult   £ 13.00  
Restricted View Alcohol Free Area / Child   £ 4.00  
Wheelchair/Adult   £ 16.00  
Wheelchair/Child   £ 6.00
* The Price may vary depending upon the stadium.

We advise our visitors to book the tickets only from official sources. As the date of South Africa vs Bangladesh match is coming closer the searches for the tickets are increasing rapidly. Due to higher demands, lower price tickets are mostly sold out. Some more tickets might be out in second lot. If you are serious about the World cup, do not waste the time and book South Africa v Bangladesh tickets fast without wasting the time.

South Africa v Bangladesh World Cup Tickets Process

As we already mentioned in the web page, tickets are out through the official website. We are sharing the Oval stadium tickets booking process through the ICC Cricket website. Oval stadium seating capacity is around 25000 and it is tough to book the tickets of high voltage matches.

  • Log on to ICC cricket website or register as a new user.
  • Now look for the South Africa vs Bangladesh tickets of Oval stadium 2 June 2019.
  • On next page ticket price and available tickets are listed on the website along with the Oval stadium seating layout.
  • You can book the South Africa vs Bangladesh tickets from the available tickets from the website.
  • Fill all the mandatory details and check all the mandatory details before making any payment.
  • After making the payments, tickets would be delivered to your address or might be collected from the Oval stadium ticket counters.
  • Always check the official mail of the official booking website to know more about the ticket booking process and ticket pick up.

London Kia Oval Cricket Ground Seat Map and Layout

London Kia Oval Cricket Ground Seat Map, Layout and Stands
London Kia Oval Cricket Ground Seat Map and Layout

We do not deals in the sale purchase of the tickets and we are providing information related to ICC World Cup Bangladesh vs South Africa Oval 2 June 2019 tickets. Always book the tickets from official sources only and save your hard earned money.

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